Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Evolution Of Unfulfilled Dreams

What happened to my dreams?  Just about every woman has asked herself this question at various points in her life.  We favor simplicity over development.  I have this incredible feeling of exhilaration when I write.  It has been a long, arduous journey over the years, getting a feel for the industry.  I almost gave up several times, received rejection letters that were impersonal, basic form letters.  Once I improved my writing and broadened my range I started receiving friendly, more constructive letters from editors. 

I have endured my share of unfulfilled dreams concerning getting published and how my dreams of writing were coming to nothing, diminishing at every turn. 

Let your heart guide you; if it tells you to stay, that's where your purpose lies, and make the most of it.  If it tells you to move forward, then take the chance and make the most of that.  Ask God for guidance, then listen for the answer.